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Posted: April 28, 2023

In this episode, Gabriel travels across the country and speaks with Argilio Rodriguez, a law firm founder with a stellar record representing businesses in high-stakes employment defense, commercial litigation, and liquor licensing in New York City. The two Syracuse alumni discuss asset protection, cannabis licensing, partnership disputes,... Read Full Post

Posted: February 14, 2023

Welcome to the second season of Beyond the Bar! To kick off 2023, Gabriel sat down with our operations manager here at Sepulveda Sanchez Law – our #2 person in charge – Vanessa Carbajal. We’ve had so much growth over the past year and we have so... Read Full Post

Posted: February 13, 2023

Recently, attorney Gabriel Sepulveda-Sanchez appeared on FOX News to discuss the murder case of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, where the family’s housekeeper, Blanca Simpsons testified that Alec Murdaugh wore several different shirts that day in what the prosecution claims was an attempt to hide evidence when he... Read Full Post

Posted: February 10, 2023

When facing a legal issue, having a lawyer can make all the difference in the success of your case. This is especially true in personal injury and wrongful death cases, where a lawyer’s expertise can help you get the maximum possible compensation that you deserve. But when... Read Full Post

Posted: November 11, 2022

On this episode of Beyond the Bar, Gabriel Sepulveda-Sanchez sits down with Eric Canton, the new managing attorney at Sepulveda Sanchez Law. The two discuss their experiences growing up Hispanic and Mexican-American, professional and personal struggles, and lessons they’ve learned from losing tough cases over the years... Read Full Post

Posted: February 26, 2021

Gabriel Sepulveda-Sanchez discusses civil rights violations in the prison systems and rapper JAY-Z's legal arguments. Under state and federal law, a plaintiff can sue a government official or entity for violations of their constitutional rights. Rapper JAY-Z has teamed up with his lawyers and has sued a... Read Full Post

Posted: November 21, 2019

Gabriel Sepulveda-Sanchez is a trial lawyer who takes aggressive action on behalf of individuals who are injured or lose a loved one due to someone else's carelessness. Our attorney and his team take serious injury personally. We have the compassion to act in you and your family's... Read Full Post

Posted: October 24, 2015

In May of 2015, Sepulveda Law Group represented two Southern California natives in a case involving charges including but not limited to: manufacturing concentrated cannabis, possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, and maintaining a place for the purpose of sales or use of a... Read Full Post

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