FOX News: The Murdaugh Murder Case

Recently, attorney Gabriel Sepulveda-Sanchez appeared on FOX News to discuss the murder case of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, where the family’s housekeeper, Blanca Simpsons testified that Alec Murdaugh wore several different shirts that day in what the prosecution claims was an attempt to hide evidence when he made the call to report the murder, as well as private conversations they had after the murders had occurred.

Alec Murdaugh has pled not guilty and testimonies resume on Monday 13th.

The importance of the housekeeper’s testimony.

During Friday’s hearing, she not only testified to Mr. Murdaugh trying to get her to remember him using a different shirt than the one she noticed him using, but also testified to how Maggie Murdoch, the day of the murders, was telling her that her husband asked her and her son to go to the hunting lodge that day.
Gabriel talked about how this could work as direct evidence, but at the same time being only circumstantial, and how it would be up to the jury to decide how they consider it, as well as the different shirts that Mr. Murdaugh wore through the different video evidence and testimonies, as it would not be uncommon for someone to change their shirt throughout the day. The Jury will have to decide if that’s enough evidence to declare him guilty.

The reason for the Prosecution to focus on the different shirts.

Based on the housekeeper’s testimony, the prosecution’s theory is that Murdaugh washed his clothes after the murders to wash away the evidence. Now the defense has a week to work on making their case, while the prosecution does their best to build a strong enough case with the evidence available.

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We want to thank FOX News for featuring Gabriel as a guest on the show.