Betty Blanco

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Posted: April 26, 2021

I’m very pleased with Gabriel attorney of Sepulveda Law Group. I had hired a different attorney first for my car accident. I had only drove it off the car lot for about 2 weeks. I was a victim to a total loss car accident that could have potentially killed me. I was fine thank god was watching over me. I had back and neck pain and losing the car took a toll on my life. I suffered losses at work because of it. My incident was simple, I was at a stoplight and due to someone falling asleep behind the wheel they crashed into a truck that crashed into me totaling my new Benz. My new car was totaled. I had first hired a different attorney prior to who was not acting quick enough and provided the bare minimum support for attention needed. I wasn’t happy so about six months later, nothing was moving forward that’s when I was referred to Gabriel at Sepulveda Law Group by a good friend Billy and they immediately took action! I felt more valued as a case and they followed medical procedures as well as, took full control of the case and prior leans. When the insurance approved the amounts during the whole process Gabriel and his team at Sepulveda Law Group ensured to keep me updated and won my settlement. Gabriel did an amazing job at reducing previous bills and paying off previous attorneys. I hope I won’t need an attorney ever again, but if I did I would call upon Gabriel at Sepulveda Law Group. They are quick, intelligent and made my experience a positive and successful one. They did everything they could in their power and I’m very pleased. Special shot out and Billie Knight for the referral. I had many losses and it could have not came at a better time. Thank you.

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