Case Results

Even if the odds are stacked against you, we know how to win big!

Trucking Accident

Stockton, CA
$ 10 Million
  • Plaintiff was driving on the I-5 northbound when he collided with the rear of a tractor trailer that was disabled on the highway.

Wrongful Death

Linden, CA
$ 2 Million
  • Plaintiff made a U-turn when they were hit and killed by oncoming commercial truck owned by a local almond farm. Although U-turn was unsafe, Defendant was traveling at high rate of speed.

Auto Accident

Stockton, CA
$ 1 Million
  • Plaintiff was driving with worn tires on a wet day and crashed into a construction vehicle. The truck was unlawfully parked in the median and was a substantial factor of his injuries and death.

Auto Accident

Los Angeles, CA
$ 825,000
  • Plaintiff was rear ended in a collision. She underwent conservative care which failed and ultimately obtained a cervical fusion on her neck.

Pedestrian Accident

$ 675,000
  • Plaintiff was walking across the driveway of a parking lot. Defendant was driving out of parking lot at slow rate of speed and failed to see Plaintiff. Plaintiff sustained fractured pelvis.

Dog Bite

Upland, CA
$ 250,000
Jury Verdict
  • Plaintiff (13 years old) was attacked by a pitbull while staying at a hotel. Hotel owners knew this dog had attacked a stray cat on the property three weeks before it attacked Plaintiff's arm.