Front-End Car Accidents in Los Angeles

When one car drives the wrong way or enters oncoming traffic, the results could be devastating. The fronts of the two vehicles might collide and both drivers might feel confused about what to do next.

Known as front-end accidents, these crashes usually happen at high speeds and leave people with severe injuries. They typically happen when one driver breaks traffic laws and causes an error. Front-end car accidents in Los Angeles can be challenging to resolve but if you need help, our firm is here. A skilled vehicle collision lawyer could investigate the accident scene, conclude what happened, and help you pursue monetary damages.

Why do Front End Crashes Happen in LA?

There are many different things that could combine to cause an unexpected front-end crash. Additionally, there are some factors unique to Los Angeles that might heighten the chances of these accidents. When it comes to general causes, common examples include distracted driving, texting behind the wheel, drunk driving, reckless passing, or failing to respect another person’s right of way.

Meanwhile, local aspects like heavily congested traffic or confusing roads could also result in a head-on collision. In fact, one-way streets create some of the most unexpected front-end wrecks. There are a lot of these roads downtown, which can be challenging for novice drivers, tourists, or people who recently moved here. If you have to use a one-way road, you should always keep an eye out for someone travelling in the wrong direction.

If you do end up being involved in a front-end accident, a skilled Los Angeles attorney could help you assess the crash scene and determine your next steps.

Injuries Associated with Head-On Crashes

When someone collides with the front of your vehicle at high speed, the resulting impact is usually forceful. This means that you might be left with serious and costly injuries. Common examples of wounds associated with front-end wrecks include but are not limited to:

All of these injuries are important and if you are involved in a head-on car wreck, you should seek medical attention immediately. Afterwards, a diligent lawyer in Los Angeles could help you assess the injuries, gather your medical records, and explain your situation to your insurance provider.

Who is Responsible for a Front-End Car Collision?

In most head-on accident cases, only one person can be held responsible. This means that determining exactly who caused a crash is a crucial part of the claims filing process.

In many cases, assigning blame might be relatively straightforward. For instance, if a driver was travelling on the wrong side of the road, they would likely need to assume all responsibility for the accident. If someone was drunk and caused a head-on crash, they will also likely fall all the blame. Finally, if someone texted behind the wheel, drifted out of their lane, and crashed into an innocent motorist, cell phone records and a detailed investigation could help hold them accountable.

After you prove that the other driver definitely caused the front-end car accident, you can usually move forward to collect financial compensation. A tenacious attorney in Los Angeles could help you navigate this confusing process.

Reach Out to an Attorney about Front-End Car Accidents in Los Angeles

If you collided head-on with a distracted, reckless, or negligent driver, you might be in severe pain and wonder about how to best move forward. If you try to handle your case without legal guidance, you might struggle to negotiate with stubborn insurance providers or collect evidence about the crash.

However, when you work with an accomplished lawyer, you could boost your chances of collecting compensation for a front-end car accident in Los Angeles. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation.