Los Angeles Dangerous Drugs Lawyer

For the millions of Americans who depend on over the counter and prescription medications to manage chronic health conditions, relieve short-term symptoms, and protect their long-term wellbeing, it is frustrating to imagine that the drugs sold to them might not be safe to use as intended. Unfortunately, numerous medications are recalled every year due to newly revealed hazards that result in substantial physical harm.

Holding a drug manufacturer financially accountable for physical damage caused by their unreasonably dangerous medical product is far from a simple task, particularly if you try to do so without a seasoned personal injury attorney’s support. By working with a Los Angeles dangerous drugs lawyer who has experience handling similar cases, you could substantially boost your chances of obtaining fair compensation, even when the guilty party tries to right back against your case.

How Do Defective Drugs Become Available to Consumers?

The federal Food and Drug Administration is the organization in charge of establishing testing standards for new pharmaceutical products and ensuring that these treatments are reasonably safe. However, thanks to various procedural and legal changes over the years, it is substantially easier today than it used to be for drug manufacturers to push new medications to market with little to no testing.

If a pharmaceutical company makes a new product available to consumers without thoroughly testing it to identify potentially dangerous side effects, or if a corporation is aware of an issue but deliberately hides it from the consumer market, they could automatically become liable for any harm that their treatment causes.

Demonstrating exactly how a pharmaceutical corporation created, sold, or marketed a dangerous drug is a substantial undertaking that you should not attempt on your own. Instead, a tenacious lawyer in Los Angeles could assess the creation of the product to figure out exactly what happened.

Injuries Associated with Dangerous Drugs

There are many ways that you could be harmed when taking a dangerous, or hazardous treatment, and all of the resulting injuries deserve legal representation. Common examples of harm associated with a flawed medicine include but are not limited to:

  • Internal bleeding
  • Intense pain
  • Loss of sexual function
  • Heart attacks
  • Internal organ trauma
  • Stroke
  • Cancer

If you experienced any of these symptoms after taking a treatment you thought was safe, a compassionate representative in Los Angeles could help you factor the full extent of your pain and suffering into your dangerous drugs claim.

What are Your Options for Pursuing Financial Compensation?

In theory, if you can prove that a pharmaceutical company’s negligence directly caused your injuries, you can usually move forward to collect monetary damages that reimburse for all your many losses. However, in practice, holding a multinational drug corporation liable for civil damages in court can be nearly impossible to handle alone, thanks to the immense financial resources these companies usually have to combat your claim.

Instead, many local hazardous drug cases proceed as mass tort cases, featuring multiple plaintiffs who combine similar cases and work together to pursue a rather large settlement. A seasoned Los Angeles lawyer could explain this process in more detail and determine whether your dangerous drugs case could take advantage of this option.

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Although pharmaceutical companies should bear financial liability for harm they cause to consumers, actually enforcing that liability can be a nightmarishly difficult task. If you want any chance of obtaining fair restitution for damages caused by an unreasonably dangerous medication, seeking help from experienced legal counsel is likely your best option.

Allying yourself with a capable Los Angeles dangerous drugs lawyer could be action your need to help get your life back on track. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation.