Hit and Run Car Accidents in Los Angeles

After a vehicle crash, it is expected that anyone involved stays at the scene to speak with law enforcement, legal representation, or insurance adjusters. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. In some cases, a negligent driver might decide to flee the scene after causing a severe wreck. When this happens, the case becomes a hit and run.

If you were involved in a hit and run car accident in Los Angeles, you might be left with severe injuries and frustrating vehicle repair fees. The other driver deserves to pay for their careless and reckless behavior, and our firm can help. A skilled automobile collision lawyer could assess what happened, work with police to track down the defendant, and help you file your civil claim.

Why Might Someone Flee after Hitting your Car?

Generally speaking, someone might decide to flee the scene after hitting your vehicle because they are scared of the legal consequences. They might think that they can avoid the police, liability, and insurance companies. However, this behavior is selfish and serious, especially when they face felony charges for causing bodily harm.

To be more specific, some of the main patterns behind hit and run crashes include crime, pedestrian accidents, and driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. When a defendant is trying to escape the scene of a crime, they will most likely decide not to stop if they hit another person or car. Meanwhile, when someone is driving drunk, they might fear a conviction and decide to stay on the road after causing a crash. Finally, someone might flee the scene after hitting a pedestrian because they do not anticipate the victim catching up to them or tracking them down.

All of these examples are frustrating and manipulative, but a seasoned Los Angeles attorney could help you get started on tracking down the driver who hit you and ran.

What Makes a Hit a Run Case Challenging?

There are a couple different aspects that makes these cases slightly more difficult than standard vehicle crashes. First, these claims usually involve uninsured motorist coverage, which can get confusing. If you decided not to purchase an uninsured or underinsured driver policy, you might not have many options for seeking compensation, since there is no relevant insurance coverage that you could implement.

Therefore, if you want to pursue justice after a hit and run, filing a police report is likely your best option. Not all car accident cases require police reports, which makes this another unique complication associated with hit and run cases. However, without the assistance of law enforcement, you and your legal representation might not be able to track down the negligent driver. A resourceful lawyer in Los Angeles could communicate with police, assess their final report, and use it to help resolve your hit and run case.

Why Seek Legal Representation is Key

When it comes to holding the defendant accountable after they flee, you boost your chances of success when you work with a skilled legal advocate. There are many ways that an attorney could help, regardless of the stage of your case.

First, a lawyer could take the lead with filing an insurance claim, since this can be difficult who have little experience interacting with coverage providers. A legal advocate in Los Angeles could provide an official statement, outline how the hit and run occurred, obtain a copy of the police report, and exhaust all the available options for resolving the accident.

Call an Attorney about Hit and Run Car Accidents in Los Angeles

If you were hit by a driver who decided to flee instead of helping you call the authorities, you deserve someone to fight for your rights. Fortunately, our firm is here to help. Even if locating the defendant or negotiating with your insurance company seems overwhelming, a skilled lawyer could develop a personalized plan for your hit and run car accident in Los Angeles. Contact us online today to learn more about your options.