Los Angeles Paralysis Injury Lawyer

While there are some exceptions in certain fortunate situations, most injuries resulting in paralysis are permanent in nature with no prospects of recovery for the people who sustain them. To make matters worse, many such injuries stem from accidents that would not have occurred but for the negligent conduct of one or more individuals involved.

If someone else’s misconduct directly led to you suffering life-changing harm, you may want to speak with a Los Angeles paralysis injury lawyer about options for financial recovery. No amount of money can erase the immense physical loss you have unfairly experienced, but pursuing restitution for other related damages with a catastrophic injury attorney could be crucial to maximizing your quality of life despite your condition.

Causes and Consequences of Paralyzing Accidents

Paralysis can occur from numerous types of injuries, most commonly those involving damage to the spinal cord within the vertebrae of the spine. Alternatively, localized paralysis may stem from nerve damage caused by severe burns or traumatic brain damage.

In the context of civil litigation, the specific circumstances leading up to a paralyzing injury are not as important as legally actionable negligence. To have grounds for a lawsuit or settlement demand over an accident resulting in paralysis, an injured individual may have substantive proof that someone else’s violation of a duty of care owed to them was the direct and primary cause of the incident that led to them being paralyzed.

The nature of this duty—as well as the nature of ensuing breaches—can be very different from case to case, and not every accident that causes an injury this severe necessarily justifies a civil claim. A conversation with a Los Angeles accident attorney could provide essential clarity about potential defendants, evidence necessary to show liability, and next steps that could best protect your interests in the paralysis case.

Recovering for Both Past and Future Losses in Los Angeles

The most unique and uniquely aspect of paralysis is the fact that it is almost always a lifelong condition that substantially inhibits a victim’s ability to live a productive life. Even in the best-case scenario, a person who sustains partial paralysis in an accident may have to contend with extensive bills for emergency medical care and future rehabilitative treatment, as well as missed work wages during their period of recovery and substantial physical pain.

In more severe situations, paralysis may leave someone unable to hold gainful employment, participate in hobbies they enjoyed before their accident, or even perform daily tasks like eating, bathing, or getting themselves dressed. Assistance from a seasoned mobility loss injury lawyer in could be especially critical to recovering comprehensively for future forms of harm like lost earning capacity, lost consortium, and lost enjoyment of life.

Talk with a Los Angeles Paralysis Injury Attorney Today

Whether you have a chance at recovery or have sustained paralysis you will be dealing with for the rest of your life, you have a right to demand fair financial restitution from any person whose negligence directly caused this immensely consequential injury. That being said, recovering for the full value of your losses may be prohibitively difficult without guidance from a legal professional who has handled cases as serious and sensitive as yours before.

Retaining a Los Angeles paralysis injury lawyer is the most crucial step in pursuing compensation after your catastrophic accident. Call us today to schedule a meeting.