Los Angeles Defective Products Lawyer

While most consumer products that consumers purchase function as intended and are safe to use, there are some that leave their manufacturer’s control with significant and potentially dangerous defects. If a defect directly injuries an innocent person, the manufacturer of that flawed product is one of several parties who might bear civil liability for the accident.

Litigating a dangerous product claim works a bit differently than most civil lawsuits, so having help from a personal injury attorney could be the key to success. Beyond just helping you understand your rights as a consumer, a seasoned Los Angeles defective products lawyer could work diligently to maximize your chances of collecting the financial compensation you need.

Actionable Product Defects in Los Angeles

There are three main ways that laws consider a consumer product to be defective. First, a product may be flawed in its design. This happens when something about the way the product was drafted makes every model of it inherently unsafe.

Second, a product may become defective due to an error during the manufacturing process. For instance, negligent assembly practices or a failure to include a necessary component could render a consumer good unreasonably dangerous. Finally, a product manufacturer can be held accountable for careless marketing—in other words, failing to provide appropriate warnings and instructions for safe use of their product or in the item’s packaging.

If you can transparently demonstrate that a concrete defect directly your injuries and trauma, a dedicated attorney in Los Angeles could help you begin the process of filing your claim. Through your lawsuit, you could collect compensation that reimburses for personal property damage, medical expenses, physical pain, emotional trauma, or permanent disfigurement. The defendant will likely try and fight back against your case, but a hardworking representative from our firm is up to the challenge.

Who Should you Target with your Defective Product Claim?

It is important to understand that, if you were hurt by a product that you thought was safe, state law does not restrict you from only fighting back against the manufacturer. Depending on the circumstances, anyone who participated in the supply chain process might need to assume financial responsibility for your suffering.

For example, a distributor or wholesaler that allowed a particular good or multiple goods to become damaged while they were storing or transporting them could be held accountable for injuries caused by their negligence. Likewise, if you bought something from a retailer who knew the item was flawed, you could likely target them with your case. If you believe this might have happened, a dedicated lawyer in Los Angeles could investigate the supply chain and determine exactly who is to blame for the injuries caused by a defective product.

Discuss your Next Steps with a Los Angeles Defective Products Attorney

Fighting back against a hazardous consumer good can be a uniquely complicated and stressful endeavor, especially if you have never dealt with civil law before. Fortunately, help is available from dedicated legal professionals who have aided many other people in situations like yours.

If you need urgent assistance, a Los Angeles defective products lawyer could review your potential claim and outline your options during a private consultation. Reach out today to get started on your case.