Rear-End Car Accidents in Los Angeles

Among the many different kinds of vehicle wrecks include rear-ending. These cases are rather simple – they happen when one driver hits another car from behind. Usually caused by distracted driving, these crashes can often be serious. In many cases, the person in front would have no way to anticipate the accident, which might leave them with painful injuries.

If you were involved in a rear-end car accident in Los Angeles, you should not attempt to resolve the case by yourself. Instead, a skilled vehicle collision lawyer could assess what happened, gather evidence about the crash, and help you hold the negligent defendant accountable.

Common Patterns Behind Rear-End Accidents

Generally speaking, there are some factors that can be labeled as common causes of rear-end accidents. For example, texting while driving is one of the most widespread behaviors that leads to someone being hit from behind. Sending messages takes a driver’s attention completely away from the road, making a crash more likely.

Distracted driving, in general, is one of the main causes of rear-end wrecks. Aside from phone use, having conversations with passengers, checking maps, doing make-up, or eating behind the wheel could all divert someone’s attention and cause them to slam into another vehicle.

If you want to learn more about what usually causes rear-end accidents within the city, a seasoned lawyer in Los Angeles could outline more factors and help you know what to expect.

Establishing Liability after a Rear-End Crash

After a rear-end car accident, one of the most crucial stages of your case process involves transparently determining who is to blame. People often assume that the driver in the rear is automatically guilty, but this is not always true. While the defendant would need to assume liability if they were texting, distracted, reckless, or impaired, they might not need to face responsibility if a less predictable factor caused the rear-end. For example, if the bumper-to-bumper flow of cars suddenly stops, there might not have been anything that the defendant could do to slow down.

When it comes to actually proving liability, you usually have many options when you work with an experienced legal representative. For instance, a seasoned lawyer could look at photographs of the accident scene, take depositions, review discovery request, examine cell phone records, and speak with law enforcement to get the clearest possible picture of what happened. Any of these forms of evidence could you or other Los Angeles motorists prove that reckless driving definitely caused the rear-end accident.

Contact an Attorney about Rear-End Car Accidents in Los Angeles

When a distracted or negligent driver rear-ends you, you should not have to spend an unreasonable amount of time investigating the accident, tracking them down, navigating legal processes, or negotiating with their insurance provider. You deserve someone to protect your rights and integrity.

Thankfully, our lawyers are here to help with rear-end car accidents in Los Angeles. To learn more about your legal options and speak with a hardworking team member, call our office today.