Los Angeles Bus Accident Lawyer

As “common carriers” responsible for transporting multiple passengers at once, bus companies and their drivers have a responsibility to exercise reasonable care during operation. If a bus driver or company fails to do this, causing an accident, you could hold them liable for your injuries through a civil claim.

However, taking legal action against a private bus company or public transit system can be challenging without a skilled legal professional on your side. A Los Angeles bus accident lawyer could help you understand the legal options available to you and work with you to build a strong case for compensation.

Civil Cases Against Municipalities and Private Bus Companies in Los Angeles

There are many buses operating in Los Angeles. Some are owned by private companies, while others are run by the local government. It is important to note what type of bus was involved in an accident before filing a lawsuit, as the laws for suing the government are different than those for suing a private entity.

California Government Code §945 allows public entities to bear civil liability for the negligent actions of their employees. Additionally, there are no limitations to the amount of compensation you could recover in a case against a public entity. However, there are stricter filing deadlines for legal claims against the government.

While California Code of Civil Procedure §335.1 allows injured parties to file a legal claim against a commercial bus company within two years, those pursuing cases against a public entity have much less time. According to Cal. Gov. Code §911.2, prospective plaintiffs must file no later than six months after the incident in question. A local attorney could inform you of important deadlines that could impact your case.

Recoverable Damages After a Commercial Bus Wreck

Due to the size of most buses and the number of passengers they hold, traffic accidents involving these vehicles tend to cause significant injuries to several people. A successful civil claim or settlement demand could help you to recover compensation for all your economic and non-economic losses, including:

  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Property damage
  • Lost wages
  • Lost earning capacity
  • Lost enjoyment of life
  • Physical and emotional pain

Depending on the circumstances, the at-fault party may try to limit your compensation by shifting some of the blame to you. Under comparative negligence law, the court can reduce your damages award by the percentage of fault you bear for the accident. A seasoned lawyer in Los Angeles could help you fight back against allegations of partial fault in a bus wreck case.

Seek Help from a Los Angeles Bus Accident Attorney

Taking legal action after a bus crash can be complicated, especially if your accident left you with serious and lasting injuries. As such, it may be in your best interest to retain qualified legal counsel.

A Los Angeles bus accident lawyer could work on your case while you focus on your physical recovery. Contact our firm today to set up a free consultation and discuss your accident with a legal professional.