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Posted: March 27, 2023

The brain is the most complicated organ in the body, responsible for just about the entirety of our conscious and unconscious functioning. Modern medicine has only begun to scratch the surface of what makes our brains work – and we’re only recently beginning to truly understand the... Read Full Post

Posted: March 17, 2023

Catastrophic head injuries like traumatic brain injuries and concussions can have severe impacts on your life, sometimes with permanent consequences. While filing a lawsuit may not be the first thing on your mind after suffering a TBI, a fair settlement can make all the difference in supporting... Read Full Post

Posted: March 13, 2023

Some of the most dangerous accident injuries are the ones that aren’t obvious right away. You could walk away from a car crash feeling “fine” without realizing just how badly you’re hurt. And if you don’t realize how badly you’re hurt, you’re not likely to get the... Read Full Post

Posted: March 06, 2023

Traumatic brain injuries can change the lives of survivors and their families dramatically. Patients may become unable to work and they may need extensive medical treatment or supportive care for years or the rest of their lives. Because of the demands of the injury, family members may... Read Full Post

Posted: February 26, 2023

Recently Gabriel Sepulveda Sanchez appeared on Law & Crime to talk about the recent developments in the case where Alec Murdaugh stands accused of killing his wife and son. Murdaugh took the stand to defend himself as the prosecution went through cross-examination, trying to build their case... Read Full Post

Posted: February 24, 2023

Rowdy fans, old construction, poor crowd control, and lack of security are just a few problems that can cause injuries at concerts and sporting events. While some events come with certain risks, stadium operators have a legal duty to make the premises safe up to a certain... Read Full Post

Posted: February 20, 2023

Elevators and escalators are such a common part of our daily lives that we take their safety for granted all the time. Millions of people rely on elevators and escalators for better accessibility and mobility. But mechanical malfunctions and maintenance issues can have catastrophic consequences for people... Read Full Post

Posted: February 14, 2023

Welcome to the second season of Beyond the Bar! To kick off 2023, Gabriel sat down with our operations manager here at Sepulveda Sanchez Law – our #2 person in charge – Vanessa Carbajal. We’ve had so much growth over the past year and we have so... Read Full Post

Posted: February 13, 2023

Recently, attorney Gabriel Sepulveda-Sanchez appeared on FOX News to discuss the murder case of Maggie and Paul Murdaugh, where the family’s housekeeper, Blanca Simpsons testified that Alec Murdaugh wore several different shirts that day in what the prosecution claims was an attempt to hide evidence when he... Read Full Post

Posted: February 10, 2023

When facing a legal issue, having a lawyer can make all the difference in the success of your case. This is especially true in personal injury and wrongful death cases, where a lawyer’s expertise can help you get the maximum possible compensation that you deserve. But when... Read Full Post

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