Stockton Truck Accident Lawyer

Due to their size, weight, and shape, commercial trucks are difficult to operate safely and pose a uniquely severe hazard to other drivers on crowded highways. Additionally, legal claims for truck accident injuries are often much more complicated than cases based on other types of auto wrecks. Large trucking companies have a lot of money and resources to fight against liability for your injuries.

A reputable personal injury attorney could help you face the at-fault party in your case. A Stockton truck accident lawyer from our firm would work tirelessly to help you achieve positive results in your case.

Who Is at Fault for Commercial Truck Accidents?

If a truck operator drove recklessly, resulting in an accident, it is possible to help them civilly liable for your injuries and damages. However, individual truck drivers rarely have the financial resources to cover all the damages that a serious tractor-trailer accident can cause. For this reason, you may wish to pursue a claim against the driver’s employer.

Vicarious Liability

Companies are responsible for reviewing potential employees’ driving records and providing sufficient training before allowing them to work. As such, injured parties can generally hold trucking companies liable for the negligent actions of their employees. This legal concept is known as vicarious liability.

Additionally, you could hold the company directly liable for accidents stemming from unlawful business practices. For example, if a trucking company forces drivers to disobey driving time restrictions set by federal law, it can face financial liability for an accident caused by fatigued driving.

Other Potentially Liable Parties

In cases caused by mechanical failures, fault may lie with the auto parts or vehicle manufacturer. Alternatively, a supplier who overloads a truck or fails to secure cargo could bear responsibility for any resulting accident. A Stockton lawyer familiar with 18-wheeler accident cases could help you identify who is to blame for a particular incident and take legal action accordingly.

Recoverable Damages from a Successful Legal Claim in Stockton

The average tractor-trailer outweighs the average commuter car by several tons, which unfortunately means that collisions between the two types of vehicles often have devastating implications for the smaller car and its occupants. Because of this, comprehensive truck accident claims often seek restitution for both past and future losses.

In the short term, recoverable damages may include:

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Lost wages from missed work shifts
  • Car replacement or repair costs
  • Physical pain from the accident injuries

Long-term damages may include permanent loss of earning capacity, emotional anguish due to permanent disability, and lost enjoyment of life. Support from a skilled attorney is often essential to maximizing available compensation in a semi-truck accident claim.

Speak with a Stockton Truck Accident Attorney About Legal Options

Recovering after a severe collision with a commercial truck is not easy. On top of the financial and emotional costs of a serious injury, you may also be dealing with extreme pain, lost income, and lost future opportunities.

Reach out to a Stockton truck accident lawyer to give your claim a better chance of success. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.